About Us

Founded in 2011 by Edriss Raha, Meta Marketing & Consulting has one main objective – helping companies grow

Whilst growth takes many forms, here at Meta, we have a laser-like focus on helping companies build capacity through effective communications and revenue growth strategies

We specialise in communication services, re-branding, web and digital design, e-commerce implementation and management as well as a full suite of media and marketing services. In addition, we can help companies build capacity across the sales and service verticals and can also assist with logistics and fulfilment

By taking a holistic approach to the communications, sales & marketing process, we provide companies with a turn-key solution that drives more sales, increases market share and opens new markets

Contact us today and let us show how we can help your company grow

Our Vision

To be the leading marketing & business consulting company in Afghanistan

Our Mission

Through trust and collaboration, we work with the private sector in Afghanistan to bring world-class marketing, sales and communications solutions that drive real business growth

Our Values

Building trust takes time but is a fundamental value of our organisation. We are committed to building trust with all of our stakeholders ensuring a culture of reliability, accountability and cooperation

We consistently seek to provide our clients with a true business partnership that enables us to provide them with the best possible outcomes & results

Being good is not enough

Everything we do revolves around global best practice standards

We are here to help Afghan companies compete both domestically and on the world stage

Achieving excellence in everything we do is part of our DNA

Creativity is a core part of providing effective business growth solutions

The world of commerce is fast moving and ever changing and demands creative solutions to often complex business challenges

Our approach is never templated – everything we do is custom designed to help your business grow

At the heart of everything we do are the results that we achieve for our clients

Everything that we carefully plan and execute is designed to drive the desired business outcomes for our clients

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